Sales & Marketing Search for a Global Railway Equipment Industry


Our Client is a leader in the railway equipment industry and aim to serve the train builders as well as railway operators and maintainers globally.

They design, market, manufacture and service engineered solutions with high technical content, providing our customers with the best standards of safety, comfort and availability.

With over 6500 personnel across the world, our annual revenues are close to 1 Billion € across 4 activity lines covering several products like Brake Systems, Couplers, Heating, Ventilation & Air-conditioning, Pantographs, Automatic Door systems & Platform gates.  Headquartered in Paris, France with more than 50 sites in 25 countries around the world.

With changing scenario and growth in urban infrastructure in India, the nature of marketing is moving from selling standard products & services for IR to selling end to end system solutions for Metro Projects through internationally renowned train builders like Bombardier, Alstom, Siemens and others who are all using India as a competitive base both for domestic and export requirements

Client Requirement:

Our client object is enable maximisation of business from such Project Sales in India and APAC regions and to capitalise on the growing Metro projects markets in these regions. So they are looking for a Senior Director – Projects Sales and Marketing,reporting directly to Managing Director India and Global Sales Director.

The Ideal Candidate should have a experience in selling for Projects with multi-ethnic international clients without inhibition, preferably in Railway / Aeronautical Industry, Collaborative mind set with target oriented approach, Ability to close deals in complex situations and being assertive, Excellent analytical skills with understanding of financial appraisals, Ability to influence & be assertive when interacting with colleagues across entities in and outside India. Good Team player, maturity to understand and perform in a matrix org structure

 Our Solution:

In order to attract potential candidates MavenHasten gained a solid understanding of the role, its context and the potential development of the project. We had an up-to-date picture of the talent available, their skills and how to approach them. Once we had identified potential candidates, we undertook a rigorous screening process. The team working on the assignment was fully briefed on the client’s requirements and filtered out any candidates not matching the required profile.

MavenHastenconduct in-depth competency-based and behavioral interviews to assess the experience and competences of candidates against the job’s requirements, meanwhile also considering their cultural fit. Throughout the entire selection process we provided the client with timely feedback.

It took us three weeks to introduce the perfect candidateand we provided a long list of senior professionals from Rail industries and from further down the target organizations,theinterview process was made difficult by international travel demands of the decision makers involved.

Successfully we closed the  search  process in 15 weeks and The candidate started with the business as Senior Executive Director – Sales & Marketing on April 1 ,2016.

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